Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

In other words; who checks the checkers. In this case, who audits that charities and other organisations actually do what they say on the tin. My particular point is regarding including those to whom the grant is going in deciding where it should go. Many charities say that they do this, but I have always wondered who actually checks up on this.

There is the Charity Commission, but their remit is very broad and cannot check on such matters all the time.

I found the answer for at least one Charity; Life Changes Trust ( which has been given £50 million from the lottery to distribute in Scotland). The answer is a small group of pwd with researchers. This is a very good idea, and should be copied by such groups as Alzheimer’s Society, and other charities (I include charities from other areas such as the environment and overseas aid etc).

Another point is who decides the priorities of a particular charity? Do they do “market research”, or do they listen to paid staff. For instance do you prioritise research for the future or wellbeing for the present? My next blog will be about this question.

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