Apathy is a killer

Following on from my last post.

Care Homes seem to use apathy as a control mechanism. It also shortens people’s lives as their brain stagnates.

These last few days since my brain fuse, I have been a bit apathetic and I can see how it would be so easy to let it gently take over my life. I am determined not to let this happen so must carry on campaigning/moaning about dementia care and support and the lack thereof.

I have had to cancel some meetings in Edinburgh but will try to use Zoom for at least one of them. I am determined to get to Stirling in September as the “UK” PCA group is up at the University. The group is very London centric so I have to grab the chance to see them when I can. Ethel, my wife, might have to take me but I must get.

Meanwhile, I will start again looking at local dementia strategies.

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