Coping with self isolation. Not all pc..

Some of this won’t be very pc! But I try to show my life as it really is.

We are self isolating due to underlying illnesses. On the first day, Monday, I was frustrated and angry. It took me time to come to terms with it, I was not a nice person to be with…

The media were partly to blame; scare stories after scare stories. Then the “British Can Do” attitude started to be shown and I realised I needed a kick up the a**e.

My main enjoyment of the day is interacting with our dogs, I still walk them, keeping my distance from humans. Ethel and I obviously chat, trying not to talk about it, except with our dark humour; very necessary for this and Dementia.

I pass my time on the IPad, looking at social media, not saying much so don’t spend so long on it as usual. My vice is playing games; I used to play “God” games on a PC as well as these First Person Shooters that people deride, always alone, mainly for the story. I have tried to play on a Mac but it is too complicated now. Luckily, there are some very good ports onto the IPad: “Civilisation VI”, is by far the best. A bit expensive but is exactly the same as on a PC. It puts you in charge of running a nation from the Stone Age onwards. I also play free games, that are mindless, but do take your mind off reality.

I still read all the papers; Aberdeenshire have an app that lets you read all the papers, as if they were papers (except the Times), it also has a lot of good magazines; CountryFile, BBC wildlife, Focus etc. It is called “PressReader”; worth seeing if your council has paid for it!

I am using Zoom a lot to keep up with folk, but I was doing that anyway.

Many will think that I am shallow playing games, but horses for courses, and I was doing it before Dementia arrived.


One thought on “Coping with self isolation. Not all pc..

  1. Sounds like you have a plan for the days ahead Martin. The online stuff available from libraries is great. Plenty of eBooks and audiobooks you can access as well. Keep well, Alastair.


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