“Music was my first love and will be my last”

My family knows that this is not strictly true. However, music plays an important part in most people’s lives. It allows us to remember the happy and sad times.

We used to love to go to rock concerts; loud and bright lights. Neither of which I could cope with now. The dogs would say thankfully I now listen to the same music but a lot quieter.

Amazon echo is great as I can change tunes without moving. I (skim) read whilst listening, as I couldn’t do anything harder. I would love to be able to do something like Tai Chi, but the concentration would overload my senses.

I have lovely memories associated with music; actually being at Live Aid, numerous Runrig concerts and other concerts too many to mention.so I think it is only fitting that when my ashes are scattered to the four winds that I go out with a (very) loud last blast of the past.

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