4th Anniversary

Well, it is 4 years ago today I was diagnosed with dementia, albeit the wrong type. My whole world has changed bar it’s one constant; the love off my family. Without that, there would have been no positives in my narrative (tick), only negatives (cross). The changes include (but not exclusively);

Many, many tests and 10 day hospital stay; Cross

7 lumbar punctures, only one painless; Tick/cross

Definitive diagnosis of PCA; Tick/cross (glad to have diagnosis, not glad to have dementia)

Senses easily overwhelmed (Cross)

Easily exhausted Cross

Inability to travel far. Cross

Loved to go on holiday to Iceland; miss that.

Able to create memories. Tick

No worries about work. Tick

Moved to rural Scotland. Massive. Tick

Friendly folk, better post diagnostic support,


Made new friends who take me as I am. Tick

Partake in research, modify dementia strategy Tick

Due to PCA, still have brilliant memories, cognition

still strong, able to retain interest in Current Affairs


More time with family, and dogs! Double. Tick

As you can see the ticks outnumber the crosses, but I recognise that as time goes by, this will change. However I keep looking at and using the positives as long as I can, with the exception of some dark times, especially in the middle of the night.


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